May 19, 2020

The ultimate wedding details checklist

You know that feeling you get when you’re leaving for a trip and you just know you forgot something important at home?

It’s the worst feeling, but what is even worse is when you feel that way on your wedding day. I remember having that exact feeling the night before my wedding day. All the planning, all the details, all the little things spiraling in my head keeping me from falling asleep (and a lack of rest is the last thing you want on your wedding day).  I’m a planner, I like to have control, and I thrive on organization and knowing  that everything is in it’s proper place. On the morning of my wedding, I was SO thankful for those OCD tendencies in me that allowed me to rest assured that all my important details were all together in one place and ready for my photographer at the beginning of the day!

Today I’m gifting you some peace of mind in the form of a free Wedding Details Checklist so that you too can rest assured you have everything together for your photographer at the beginning of the day! For the best results and least amount of stress, gather ALL your important details (big and small!) in one place and let your maid of honor (or someone close to you) know where they are so you won’t have to be bothered the morning of…. or forget where you put them! Ha! Having it all in one place allows your photographer to photograph them beautifully and efficiently instead of spending extra time trying to track them down or interrupting your getting ready process to find the items that are important to you!

If you’re a BullardBride, don’t worry! I’ll remind you in the Wedding Details Questionnaire a couple months before your wedding and again at our Nail Down the Details coffee date! On the day of your wedding I’ll hug your neck and squeal in excitement that the day has finally arrive before jumping in to capturing all those important details you have spent so much of your precious time gathering together!

If you want to download the free full on Wedding Details Checklist that includes all.the.things. for both you and your groom, follow the link below and it will be in your inbox before you can even say “I’m getting married!!!”







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