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Benefits of a day-of wedding coordinator

June 22, 2020

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I get asked ALL the time from brides if a wedding coordinator is really necessary or worth the extra money, and I will always say a big loud YES!! Having a day-of coordinator that was willing to also come to my rehearsal dinner (be sure to ask if you’re potential day-of coordinator does this because most do not), allowed me to relax and enjoy my wedding day so much more! I wasn’t worried about meeting vendors, making sure things were in their right place, getting wedding party lined up, or when to move on to the next reception event. At the very least, if you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner for your wedding, you MUST hire a day-of coordinator!

I’ve asked my good friends at Kindred North and Kindred Blooms to help shed some light on why it’s a good idea to have AT LEAST a day-of coordinator assisting you on your wedding day! Here’s what Elizabeth Northrop had to say!


Since this post was originally shared, Liz has started serving Arkansas couples with custom wedding and event planning under the umbrella of Bespoken Details! I am SO excited for her to be offering wedding planning as she has a great eye for design and personal touches! If you’re getting married and in need of a little extra help planning your wedding or making sure the day runs smoothly, check out my girl Liz at Bespoken Details! She is also creating preserved bridal bouquets that are an incredible and BEAUTIFUL way to preserve your dreamy bridal bouquet! If only she would have been around when I got married!!

The Benefits of a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

1. Peace of Mind

The biggest gift a day-of coordinator gave me on my wedding day was the ability to be completely at peace and completely present to every moment on my wedding day. Everyone says this, but your wedding day goes by SO quickly. A day of coordinator can worry about all the tiny details of the day and handle all of the challenges that may arise so that you can be intentional to take in every moment of the best day of your life. 

2. Your Vendors will have someone to go to:

When various vendors show up to your venue, they may have questions: Where does the cake go? Where does the DJ set up? Are there plug-ins at the outdoor ceremony site? A day of coordinator is the person who knows it all. They can answer all of these questions so that again, you are able to be fully present with the people closest to you. 

3. They make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible:

Your day-of coordinator should know how best to set up the tables, how to get everyone through the buffet quickly, and what games to play and NOT to play to keep the reception alive. They are the person to bounce all of your ideas off of to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and everyone has the best time possible. 

4. They’re always thinking ahead:

You know you have a great day-of coordinator when things happen before anyone even has to ask. When you get to your dinner table, is your glass already full of water? Are they at the buffet making your plate and asking what you want from the bar? Is your stuff all packed up in organized boxes by the end of the night? If so, you’ve got yourself a winner coordinator. 

5. They know what doesn’t work:

After doing many, many weddings, your coordinator is the expert on what things simply don’t work. When it comes to questioning whether or not you should have a send off, whether or not you should have a flower girl, or whether or not you should hire a professional DJ – your coordinator will help you avoid the worst wedding pitfalls. 

6. They’re your advocate:

When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion. A day-of coordinator can bridge the gap between what you want and what your mother, mother in law wants. They can suggest good compromises, suggest different routes, and advocate for you when it really matters. Your coordinator can be the one to have “tough” conversations with family members about decor, day of timelines, etc.

7. They know the industry:

Your day-of coordinator most likely knows the best people to work with in the industry. If they know their stuff, they will have recommendations for you of the best caterers, DJs, bakeries and florist. They can listen to your priorities and make careful suggestions accordingly. 

8. If you can’t afford a professional, choose a friend carefully:

It’s understandable that not everyone can prioritize a coordinator in their wedding budget. Everyone’s priorities are different and you have to go through the process of figuring out yours. If you aren’t hiring a coordinator, we highly encourage you to look through your friend group and rally your most competent friend. Think of someone who isn’t in your wedding party and who wouldn’t mind missing out on some of the wedding festivities because they are tending to other duties. Think of someone who is custom to coordinating events and who can handle multiple spinning plates at once with grace and confidence. This is a lot to ask of a friend, but most would be happy to serve you in this way. Make sure to throw in a special gift to say thank you for all the hard work they are donating to your big day 🙂 

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!



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I'm Loren and I'm so happy you're here! This blog a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 

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