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What’s In My Wedding Day Details Styling Kit

July 1, 2021

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Details photos are one of my very favorite things to photograph on a wedding day! That’s why I have taken the time (and money) to build my details styling kit! Styling elements might seem like a hassle to some photographers, but I find that having a good collection of items that go well with the overall aesthetic of the wedding day really take the detail photos to the next level! I thoroughly enjoy this part of every wedding and styled shoot because it gets the creative juices following right at the beginning of the day and this process helps to give me vision for what the overall aesthetic for the wedding day will be.

If you’re a photographer looking for things to add to your styling kit, here is a list of some of my must haves!

In addition to our wedding day emergency kit (that includes all kinds of things from tide pens to zip ties and everything in between!), my details kit includes a variety of items. These items, though are useful for many other uses, are specifically for styling details or keeping them organized!

01 | Flower Frogs – use these to hold flower upright

02 | Scissors – basic necessity

03 | Acrylic Blocks – best for giving lift and dimension to invitation suite

04 | Stacked Plastic Storage – for little trinkets

05 | Rolling Craft Tote – The best storage and carrying solution I have found. I found mine at Hobby Lobby!

06 | Command Hooks – for when you can’t find a place to hang the dress

07 | Plastic Compartment Storage Box – great for little trinkets

08 | Clothes Pins – what I use to wrap my ribbon around and keep in place

09 | White Sticky tac – great for multiple uses, but especially for keeping rings in place

10 | Wooden Hangers – in case the bride does not have a nice hanger to hang her dress on

11 | Metal Clamps – I use for clipping the wedding dress to give the waist definition

01 | Wax seal

02 | Velvet square ring box – Amazon and Etsy have some great ring boxes for the fraction of the cost of a Mrs. Box

03 | Gold rimmed trinket dish

04 | Trinket dishes

05 | Olive and Oak styling mats – I have silver, ivory, textured white, and french gray. I also have numerous DIY mats that I hope to share one day!

06 | Velvet ring box

07 | Vintage stamps – these are what I have, but if you search “vintage stamps” on Amazon there are some great options!

08 | Gold trinket dish

09 | Invitation envelopes – just in case the bride forgets to include her own invitation envelope, I like to have a few of my own in different sizes and colors

10 | Chiffon ribbon – I also love silk, but these are very affordable and decent quality!

11 | Gold scissors

12 | Vintage gold scissors

13 | vintage keys – also like to collect from thrift stores, but these are great too

14 | Variety of wax adhesive seals – these are the best! You can order a “sample” in whatever wax design and color you prefer and the quantity you want to create your own stock of wax seals!

I also have various trays, fabrics, and trinkets that I have collected from random places along the way! I even have my own wedding veil in my styling kit to add an extra layer of interest when needed. My favorite thing is to shop at flea markets and antique stores to find little trinkets for styling. Etsy has some amazing and creative items that I love to buy here and there for specific styling as well! I’ve even found some small trays and boxes at At Home and Homegoods before. All that to say, don’t be afraid to look outside the norm for little things that could bring interest and unique elements to your details photos!

Whether you are a photographer or just a bride looking to see what all I have available for you and your wedding, I hope this was helpful for you! If it was, leave a comment to let me know this was helpful for you!

Disclaimer: This page of some of these favorite things might include affiliate links, which basically just means that I might receive a small, and I mean very small, commission if you purchase anything straight from my links. Every link click and use of my affiliate link is greatly appreciated for supporting my business and my family! Thank you for using my links and helping me to continue sharing resources and the things I love!



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I'm Loren and I'm so happy you're here! This blog a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 

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