Hi there! I'm Loren, the
Lady of the Lens


I'm an extroverted introvert, obsessed with fresh flowers, quality time seeker, love a good cup of coffee, all things cozy, and I swear marriage is the best thing ever.

I mean, look at that hunk of a man

Over the years I grew passionate about capturing authentic interactions and real emotions of people. I believe that eyes tell stories, smiles are contagious, and unplanned, unposed moments are the absolute best! I love that this job of mine gives me the opportunity to meet new people, build new relationships, watch others grow their businesses, and capture sweet moments that will be treasured in your family for generations to come! I truly have the best job ever!

I've had a camera in my hand since the time I was young. Growing up I didn't know I wanted to be a photographer, but...

He's my biggest supporter and wise council. The one that pushes me to grow, and a MAJOR behind the scenes part of this business of mine {read: ours}. He's my self proclaimed "business manager," my sweet {and pretty dang handsome} hubby, and absolute best friend! 
We got married on September 1st, 2018 and I only thought that was the best day ever. Truth is, marriage is the absolute best.thing.ever. and the greatest days have been each one spent with him. Okay, okay, I'll put the sappy stuff away! 

He's my right hand man, my favorite tag-along, a creative genius, my personal barista, and the kindest, most selfless human you'll ever meet.

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I'm most comfortable in sweatshirts and Nike shorts and that's probably how you'll find me most days of the week! It's my official office attire. I'm happiest when snuggled up to my hubs under a cozy blanket, drinking a fresh brewed coffee and watching our latest show (which is more then likely just HGTV HomeTown reruns). I love making our little home a cozy place for anyone to drop by for a quick cup of coffee and nice little chat. Home is definitely my favorite place to be. You can keep up with the day-to-day of the BullardAbode over on my Instagram.

I'm a homebody by nature. If I have the option to stay home or go out, you better believe I'll be staying in! 

little did you know


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August 1st

We met through mutual friends at church one summer night. David had an immediate crush on me, but it took me a while to "succumb to his handsome good looks." It was then that David would begin his long pursuit of coffee deliveries.... 

After bringing me many cups of coffee to work and finding any reason to hang out with me, I finally gave in {willingly of course}. We agreed that we wanted to see where dating would take us, both knowing full and well it would more than likely take us straight to the alter!

February 18th

We both desired for our relationship to be focused and founded on Christ, and we both have a heart for missions. That summer we had the opportunity to go to Haiti together. It was there that David knew even more that he wanted to marry me, and it was there I knew I wanted to be his wife. 

June 28th

We had been dating for almost two years when David knew it was time to pop the question. With numerous ideas in mind that I unintentionally ruined for him, he finally decided on Christmas eve that he wasn't going to wait any longer. The next morning he picked me up to drive to his parents, but first, wanted to give me a gift. We had decided that year that we weren't going to get each other gifts, so through my frustration he convinced me I would love it. He got down on his knee and with a quiver in his voice, asked me to be his wife.I was completely shocked and slapped his arm (pretty hard I might add) and said YES!

December 25th

September 1st

After three months of planning, and six more months of great anticipation (don't do a long engagement y'all, it's brutal!) , we surrounded ourselves with our closest friends and family and locked it in forever! 

sneak a peek into our wedding day

We made it through our first year of marriage! Sure, we had some learning curves and adjustments to make. Sure, we had some miscommunications and unmet expectations. Sure, we had some wins and we had some loses. Sure, we had some growth (in more ways than one. Newlywed weight gain is real people), and have a whole lot more to go (let's hope not physically). But this year has been the best one yet. Oh, and did I mention that we spent our very first wedding anniversary back in Haiti? :)

September 1st

Netflix binges
movies in bed
popcorn for dinner
fun adventures
moments with my best friend!

Here's to more...

You want a photographer who will put herself in your shoes, remember all the important details, and ensure they are photographed beautifully. You want a photographer that genuinely cares about you and your story. Who is equally as excited for your marriage as you are, because we all know that your wedding day is just the beginning of the best days of your life.


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as a bride

You want a photographer that listens to your vision and is dedicated to getting to know and understand your brand. You want a photographer that not only shows who you are as a business owner, but the heart and soul behind the business. You want a photographer that shows off your fun and creative personality while maintaining a professional and approachable feel.


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as a business owner

You want a photographer that knows how to have fun with your little ones and provide a stress free and fun experience. One that understands the importance of the little moments in between. Not the perfectly posed image, but the random hug from your little one. You want a photographer that freezes in time those squishy leg rolls and bouncy ringlets. You want a photographer that captures every bit of this season, exactly the way it is, because time goes too fast and every season is worth celebrating.


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as a mom

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i'm your girl

where it started +

how it's going


'David joined our wedding day team and our business thrived in the middle of a pandemic!


we said "I do" and the rest, as they say, is history!


the year i made my side hustle a full time dream!


we started dating with marriage in mind


AGe I started my photography business


launched the portfolio building workshops for photographers!

Breakfast & snuggles w/the Hubs

6. ideal weekend off:

New Girl, Friends, The Office, HomeTown

5. always watching:

Sweet Home Alabama orrr Top Gun

4. Favorite Movie:

Iced coffee with cream and toffee nut

3. coffee of choice:

Charleston, SC 
take me back!

2. Take Me To...

Mexican food. For life

1. usually craving:

next up

did we just become

best friends?

Sweaters and cardigans

12. Own Too Many...

Interior decorator or maybe a florist!

11. Alternative Career:

Katelyn James - she's queen!

10. favorite photographer educator:

Peonies and daffodils

9. Favorite Flower(s):

Target and TJ Maxx,
of course

8. Take My Money...

90s country
also early 2000s pop

7. Can Jam To...

next up

Nike shorts & sweatshirt

18. Daily Office Attire:

Lou or Lo

17. my people call me:

Give me all the chips & dip

16. Sweet or Salty?

eos mint chapstick and dry shampoo

15. Frequently Visiting:

Mojitos Mexican Grill - Steven Special is life

14. Everyday Essential:

Folding fitted sheets.
it's truly a gift.

13. Hidden Talent:

next up

Mrs. Bullard
reppin since 2018

20. Favorite Title?

I think we could be great friends IRL

19. Insta-Stalking:

would we be
best friends??



to the front

Mrs. Bullard
reppin since 2018

20. Favorite title?

(she's a genius)

19. InstaStalking:

would we be
best friends??

I knew it!

to the front

Mrs. Bullard
reppin since 2018

20. Favorite title?

(she's a genius)

19. InstaStalking:

would we be
best friends??


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Twenty Questions

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of this job. There's emails, edits, blog posts, social media, expenses, and shoots to keep up with on a daily basis. But I know that those things are just tasks that have to be done... they aren’t the heartbeat of my business.
I've watched proud parents delight in their newborn smiling for the very first time. I've cheered with families as a little one takes their very first step. I've celebrated with seniors as they eagerly anticipate their next chapter. I've witnessed children be welcomed into their new, forever family. I've cried with a bride as she lives out the day she's dreamed of her entire life, and been there for her when no one else seemed to be on her side. I've helped others grow their businesses in order to help support their families. 

I've been welcomed into families lives, and cultivated relationships that go beyond the delivery of their images. I've seen newborns grow into children that now know me by name, and I've been considered family to the most precious people that started out as total strangers.
For me, it's not about how many followers I have or the business I receive. It's about the people I get to serve and the sweet moments I'm invited to experience with them. It's about the humbling honor and privilege of capturing those little moments that you will treasure for generations to come. And that makes every little thing... every business expense, every long day, every editing marathon, every slow season, every worry and stress... totally and completely worth it. 

my heart

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