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favorite resources for business

"Photoshop" made easy!

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What I use for email marketing

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How I organize plan my social posts

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Making saving money SO easy!

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Some of these incredible resources include affiliate links that I would love if you decided to use! It’s no extra cost to you – just saves you some $$ while giving me a bonus too! It’s a win-win for the both of us!

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Behind The Scenes Of How I Prepare For My Own Branding Session

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10 Free Instagram Captions
Sure To Drive Engagement

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Top Five Most Used Tools In My Business + Discount Offers

the companies I use and can't imaging doing business without



The only website platform I will ever use!

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tonic site shop

Like my website? Then check them out!

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the holy grail in my business tools! My #1 most used tool that saves me time and stress! From streamlining workflows, to automated emails, bookkeeping, and online scheduling, contracts and payments, Honeybook is a life saver and a must have for any small business owner!

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specifically for photographers

what i use to get the job done


for blogging images

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photo mechanic

for easy and quick culling

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for client gallery delivery

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Adobe Lightroom classic

for editing

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programs for editing & blogging

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helpful resources for brides

to make wedding planning a little easier

wedding wire budget

It's no secret that weddings can easily cost a lot more money than you may have originally planned if you don't have an effective way to keep track of your spending. A budgeting resource will help you plan, budget, and keep track of your spending so you always know exactly where your finances are going. 

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David and I used this for our own wedding registry and absolutely loved it!
Users can add items from any store in the world to one convenient gift list, and even sync existing store registries to their account, making gifting even easier for all those who love you!

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What if I told you that you could save enough money to actually afford your dream honeymoon? Qapital is my favorite money saving app and would be perfect for helping save money towards your dream honeymoon! Just connect your bank account and start saving money! *Use code 9222k92z upon sign up*

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These incredible resources may include affiliate links, but I would never share anything just for the heck of it!

qapital app

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then you are going to love the bridal lounge!
There are so many more resources including blog posts, how to plan your engagement session outfits, marriage growth resources, and so much more just for you, bride!

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golden coil planner

The only planner I will ever buy! Everything is completely customizable and great quality!

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artifact uprising

Love their "Everyday Photo Book' for simple yearly albums!

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Great for being on your feet all day, plus they're washable!

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personal favorites

for the day to day

billie razor

The only razor I care to ever use. TMI?
It is worth every bit of the hype!

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Cleaning products right to my door?
Yes, please!

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grove collaborative

qapital app

You know I truly love this app when I share it a lot.. Saving money for fun things, made easy!

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