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Ali and Michael | fayetteville, arkansas engagement session

December 1, 2019

Hi, I'm Loren.
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This blog is a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 
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These two are so special to me! Ali and Mike have been friends of ours for a few years now. Actually, David works at our church with Ali, and Mike was David’s roommate before we got married and was even in our wedding! Before dating Ali, Mike was the ultimate third-wheel and often tagged along on our “dates.” But he also knew when we were in need of some quality alone time and would excused himself before ever being asked. I’m telling you, the ultimate tag-along and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Ha!

Through our many outings together, Mike would express his feelings about Ali. He was very interested in her, she wasn’t interested in dating anyone. Sounds a lot like our own story! David and I both knew that Ali is an incredible human and that her and Mike would make such a great couple! But having been in similar situations ourselves with David’s “patience” and “long pursuit” eventually leading us to marriage, we always tried to encourage him to play the long time.

Don’t pressure her, but let her know you’re there. 

But don’t be too obvious because you’ll probably scare her off! 

After months of what seemed to be torture for Mike and a lot of self-reflection and heart transition for Ali, they finally agreed to see where things would go.

Spoiler alert, Mike already knew he wanted to marry her. 

They started dating just a month before our wedding and came to our wedding as an “official” couple! Fast forward a year to her family’s summer vacation when Mike eagerly popped the question to Ali after their anniversary dinner and gift exchange on the beach, followed by a family celebration!

We could not be more thrilled for our friends, and cannot wait to celebrate with them on their big day, August 1st, 2020!

Mike is actually a personal trainer at Mike Wollard Training, but you wouldn’t know it by his love for food and sweets! Ha! I mean… can you even!?

The Bullards love you, future Wollards!! 

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welome to my blog

I'm Loren and I'm so happy you're here! This blog a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 

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