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Weekend Recap for the Memory Book

October 11, 2021

Hi, I'm Loren.
I'm so happy you're here!
This blog is a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 
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I don’t blog often about our weekends, but if I do you know it must have been a great one! The older I get, the more I cherish this type of a weekend well spent! And because of that, I’m sharing this post for my own personal mems!

On Friday I went to the Vintage Market Days with a friend, and then David and I just laid low the rest of the day. It was so nice to just relax as we’re both in a busy season of work. Saturday morning, David had to work for a few hours and then he came home and we watched the Razorback back #woopig That afternoon we headed out to my family’s farm, but on the way we stopped for the good stuff – AKA Onyx.

If you know David and I’s story at all, you know that before I ever met David I asked the Lord to not let me settle into a relationship that I thought was good enough when I knew what He wanted for me is far better than just “good enough.” Fast forward a couple years when David and I met, he would casually deliver coffee to me at my workplace “just because.” Often times it was from Onyx and in a cup that read “Never settle for good enough.” Still to this day, that simple saying in reference to good coffee reminds me of God’s faithful and goodness to me! I’m so thankful He didn’t let me settle for good enough, because this life I have with David is far greater than anything I imagined my life and marriage would be! I had a moment of sentiment and made him take photos with me in the middle of Downtown Rogers because of it 🙂

We celebrated our favorite little redhead with a trip out to the pumpkin patch with the fam! Or should I say, with eight adults and two toddlers ? It was such a fun Fall feeling weekend, minus the fact that it was 91 degrees ? Thankfully the cooler breeze actually made it quite nice! We all enjoyed watching the littles have the best time on the choochoos, climbing hay bales, riding mule rides, watching them play together, and taking lots of pictures!

Happy Birthday to our favorite little redhead! We love him so much!
Hugs for Uncle Davey and the cutest little animals you ever did see!
Papa teaching the boys how to drive the trucks
Sista, Sista ?‍♀️ and cute nephews
how much corn can we throw at Aunt Lou Lou?” At least they’re pretty cute!
Teaching him the way you play when you grow up on the King farm like I did!
My daddy and my brother – missing our middle brother an extra amount these days!
These two are best buds, and it makes me heart so happy!!
FAM!! *he’s not throwing a sign, he’s showing us he’s ✌?*
“Cute Boy Fall” according to David, but I couldn’t agree more ?

After the pumpkin patch we picked up tacos and headed back to the farm to eat dinner together. We ended the day with watermelon “cheers” and opening presents with the birthday boy. It’s these simple afternoons that I never realize my heart needs until after it’s all said and done. A weekend well spent!

Thanks for reading my little memory journal entry 🙂



welome to my blog

I'm Loren and I'm so happy you're here! This blog a journal about our lives, weddings we have the opportunity to photograph, and whatever else feels like it needs it's own little home on the blog! 

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